“Stay in the now, let your eyes gaze softly towards the future, remain unattached to the outcome, and find meaning in the moment. Deal with what comes, as it comes.”



Trevor is a teacher, author and facilitator who uses Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy to help people find meaning and purpose.

Twenty-Two Lessons For Now

Twenty-two Lessons for Now is an intelligent, witty, and easy-to-read guide to crafting a life of meaning and joy.

I Matter

Trevor’s flagship course that assists individuals and employees to deal with stress and burnout by thinking clearly, cultivating optimism and communicating assertively.


We have become accustomed to saying we feel ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but these are not feelings in themselves. When you are feeling bad, you are feeling something else – guilt, remorse, sadness, or even anger. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ are cop-outs that allow us either not to identify what we are truly feeling, or simply to choose not to share what we are really feeling. If we are growing, we must learn to give names to our feelings, and to embody them, express them and use them to guide our actions. 

The word ‘emotion’ comes from the Latin word emovere, which means ‘to move out or remove’. Feelings must be expressed – they must ‘come out’. “Claim it, aim it, dump it!” is a useful tool for this. First you need to own (claim) the feeling by giving it a name. Then you need to do something with it – for example, to express it. From there, you have the choice to let it go. Don’t follow every feeling down the rabbit hole of fear, doubt and judgment! At the same time, you don’t need to run from difficult emotions, You don’t have to be ‘happy’ all the time. But the best way out is through; name your feelings, feel them fully, and use them to guide you. 

“I Matter has opened my mind in ways I never imagined possible. People at work smile more, listen better, and even work harder! I told my boss, the other day, that it is like a dream come true.” 


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“A powerful, beautifully written and heartfelt manual for life! So much wisdom packed tightly into succinct and valuable life lessons. Read it, re-read it, share it and live it!”

CARIN MARCUS, Clinical Social Work / Logotherapist